Retail companies are challenged by the need to control and analyze the sales by meters, stock shelves and supply chains, employees’ activity, offers control and customer clubs, all at the same time.

As part of the business’s day to day activity, large amounts of data contains useful information are created, this data can be converted to real results when extracted by the BI system.


The solutions we offer for the retail industry:

  • Analysis that combines sales, inventory, employee activity, customer clubs and the various offers

  • The ability to consolidate data from many sources of information for all management levels (local, global, general, by branch, department, etc.)

  • Analysis of each branch’s activity by areas including last year comparisons

  • Receive real-time data and thus, make everyday administrative decisions.

  • In-depth sales analysis by various properties

  • Simple and fast implementation with flexibility for in-company changes


Why Sense BI?

  • Familiarity and experience with a variety of connectors and interfaces, cash registers, and ERP systems

  • Experienced staff with seniority in the retail industry

  • Built-in business analytics: shopping card analysis, same Store analysis , productivity studies, events/holidays analysis, inventory analysis and items dynamic mobility between branches

  • Experience building modules with a short time2Market for time saving and risk reduction

  • Experience in connecting to and pulling information from the company’s branches abroad.