KlikIns is an innovative extension that allows data entry through the QlikView and Qlik Sense interface by field editing, manual formulas definition, data editing and inserting new data straight to the Qlik apps interface and into a database.
the extension's features expand Qlik's functionality for various analysis such as forecasting, procurement, targets, measures etc. The klikIns addresses the basic unanswered need of organization's finance, operation and management departments of a holistic "All in one" solution that allows 

  • Dynamic forms - Use Valid & Proofed BI Data To Create Customized Forms

  • Fields editor - Determine Field Values Using Expressions & Values

  • Workflow - Obtain And Follow The Entries Details & Statuses

  • Trails audit - Keep Track Of Inserted & Changed Data.

  • Version management- Create & Manage Various Versions For Each Form

  • Various input fields types - Numeric, Note, Editor, Date, Boolean Or List Box

  • Spell checker

  • Suitable for various business scenarios

  • Saves external systems’ implementation

  • User friendly & promotes self service use -create your own calculated measures and forms

  • Gives  Qlik  an advantage - Compared To Other BI Solutions

  • Less human errors - Copy Calculated Measures Straight To Your Input Fields

  • Holistic solution - Read Data And Write Back

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