We Understand Your Challenges

Industries are steadily growing and affected by social, economic and technological ​​changes that influence the preferences of consumers, and require the companies to make many conceptual changes in order to compete for their consumer’s hearts and pockets. 

The organization, presentation and analysis of data masses in an easy and efficient way often becomes challenging.
The multiplicity of operational systems make it difficult to create a unified and clear view of the various organization’s processes.
Different operational systems (such as ERP's, Warehouse Management, Point Of Sales, etc.) offer their own reports based on different technologies, displaying different perspectives and encounter various analysis challenges. 

Companies need a better solutions for their main and unique challenges:

  • Lack of a unified information structure in different company departments

  • Multiplicity of operational systems

  • Excessive amounts of data (Big Data)

  • Optimization of the supply chain management

  • Quick reaction to the market changes

  • Wise Pricing

Identifying local problems in retrospect does not provide the ability to increase your company’s efficiency! 

We have built a Solution

In Sense BI, we believe that in order to make the right business decisions, all of the information has to be brought to the operators attention in a simple, reliable and user friendly manner. We also believe that good management control consists of quick identification of problems, but mainly, of preliminary identification of current trends in order to prevent future malfunctions.